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Customer 360

Customer 360 requires a single, unified view of customer data across Sales, Marketing, Product, Support, and Contact repository silos as well as the aggregation, and transformation of this data for a “golden record” that is timely, of high quality, and answers the diverse needs of various departments across the organization. Dataworkz enables organizations to scalably and reliably automate the Extract & Load functions of an ELT process with an integrated data governance, transformation, and collaboration hub across data sources. The Dataworkz platform ensures data pipeline observability, quality, and re-use. Leverage the Dataworkz platform, a visual, easy-to-use with a no-code approach, to seamlessly gain a 360 view of your entire customer journey.

Cloud Data Marketplace Consumption

Cloud-based marketplaces are becoming ubiquitous, especially for launching new, innovative products and services. But repetitive, costly, and IT-centric work is required to successfully integrate cloud-based data feeds from different marketplaces and map them to your business processes.

Dataworkz helps streamline the processing of raw consumption data feeds from different cloud marketplaces to match your business processes. Standardize, validate, clean and merge incoming data streams to use data easily and transparently with your organization’s existing systems.

Easily utilize a variety of internal and externally available data to enhance your business decisions for smarter and more effective strategy and execution with Dataworkz.

PII data discovery and transformation

Enterprise data is often stored in multiple places (cloud storage, SAAS services, relational, NoSQL databases, etc.), and in different formats, but requires PII governance before it can provide value. The Dataworkz platform automatically detects PII data as a part of the data discovery process and automatically identifies emails, social security numbers, names, organizations, addresses, credit cards, and more.

Data managers can use the visual data preparation and visualization to hash, mask, or remove PII data before moving it to a Cloud Data Warehouse. The Dataworkz platform also provides self-documenting lineage, so that you can retrace the steps that were applied, and provide assurance to your legal teams that no PII data is being shared without authorization.

PII data management, visibility, compliance, and security made simple with Dataworkz.

Streamlined partner data management

Your business requires close collaboration with external vendors and partners. There is a lot of information exchanged between organizations. One vendor might choose to provide a daily dump as a CSV file while another might provide data as JSON at different frequencies. And the list goes on.

But you need one tool that will enable you to work across different partner and vendor data, move it across clouds, transform it from one format to another and make it ready for analysis. With Dataworkz, you can do all this in one tool and make it available to the whole business.

Dataworkz streamlines collaboration between producers and consumers within and across organizations.

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