Use cases

Q&A platform

Enable your employees to ask questions in natural language and instantly get the information they need. Whether it’s an IT issue, a HR benefit question or a new employee onboarding process, empower your employees to tap into your organization’s knowledge base and improve their productivity.

Intelligent Document Search

Your organization’s knowledge base and the external research and data you need is distributed across a plethora of documents. Go beyond keyword search to find the documents you need based on their meaning. Get a summary of the document to quickly assess value and relevance.

Support and Service Chatbots

With RAG, your chatbots can give more accurate and contextually relevant responses. Improve customer satisfaction by resolving issues and answering customer questions with up-to-date product information. Drive marketing effectiveness by converting online engagement into qualified leads.

Service Copilot

Enable your service advisors to instantly tap into expert knowledge to answer customer questions and resolve issues faster. Harness the power of internal domain experts and the user community to quickly find solutions, provide updates and improve customer experience.

Business Intelligence and Analysis

Talk to your data using natural language. Whether your data is stored in a relational database, a data warehouse or a data lake, you no longer need to be a SQL expert to analyze your data. Ask natural language questions and get instant insights from your data.

How can RAG boost customer support in Modern Enterprises?

HubSpot research shows that 93% of customers remain loyal to companies providing excellent customer support, prompting businesses to seek improved service strategies. 

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