Our Story

Dataworkz founders, through years of experience, recognized the widespread issues in managing large-scale data intelligently and easily. Sachin, during his time at Couchbase Analytics in 2018, encountered a recurring problem among enterprises: the difficulty in handling vast, scattered data to derive meaningful insights. 

They aimed to address these challenges by creating Dataworkz. Their vision was a unified product to streamline enterprises’ journey leveraging GenAI apps to rapidly generate data insights. Dataworkz enables enterprises to harness the power of LLMs with their own proprietary data. The Dataworkz GenAI applications platform provides an all-in-one RAG application builder to rapidly build, deploy, operationalize and scale GenAI applications, and eliminates the complexity involved in building reliable and scalable RAG applications. It includes advanced search and retrieval to provide relevant context to LLMs, and monitoring with traceability to observe and optimize application performance. 

Dataworkz partnerships with major data players empower customers to easily handle an amalgamation of data sources including but not limited to MongoDB, Snowflake, AWS S3, Aerospike, Couchbase, Cassandra/Datastax, and legacy repositories.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Dataworkz’s mission is to help its customers intelligently transform their data lifecycle with speed, simplicity and accuracy.

RAG as a Service

Visual RAG builder

No-code AI app development, with a knowledge graph, and lexical and semantic search, plus frictionless data wrangling, to create GenAI apps

End-to-end traceability

An integrated, highly performant platform with comprehensive visibility into underlying instrumentation and transactions

Composable AI stack

Configure with your existing or new technologies, with access to metrics, insights and elastic deployment

Expand GenAI app adoption

Implement additional use cases, connect new data sources and use RAG APIs to embed GenAI in workflows easily, efficiently and securely
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