About Us 4

Over years of work designing innovative ways to create value from data, the Dataworkz’s founders realized that their customers faced immense challenges in data management across requirements.

In 2018, while leading product management for Couchbase Analytics, Sachin spoke to a variety of enterprises to understand the problems they had managing data at scale. During this journey he discovered a common theme in these conversations – there was data sprawl across an increasingly complex and fragmented data environment. All of these customers were struggling to make sense of and gain usable insights from the copious amounts of data that they were storing.

Sachin and Nikhil realized that this was a crowded space and what was available were tools with very limited capabilities but at high price points. Tools from multiple vendors needed to be stitched together –ETL/ELT, data discovery, data catalog, data transformation, data lineage, data monitoring. And collaboration between data producers and consumers was not even in the picture!

They decided to do something about it. Dataworkz was conceived to build a comprehensive product to help enterprises accelerate the time to insights from the fragmented enterprise data ecosystem. They decided to fix the problem that resulted in each new enterprise data project becoming yet another data silo.

Dataworkz has taken a different approach and reimagined a solution that has it all built-in (from the outset) at no additional cost.

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