Accelerating data lifecycles from sources to

business outcomes.

Dataworkz provides reliable end-to-end ELT to manage scalable, reliable, observable data pipelines across data sources.


Accelerate Collaboration​

Seamlessly integrate data discovery, inventory and preparation across siloed data sources. Streamline collaboration between data producers and consumers with self-documenting lineage.​

Actuate Analytics​

Power AI-driven recommendations to visually combine data from different sources. Proactively resolve data quality issues before publishing or analysis with automated interventions.​

Fast Track AI/ML​

Reduce time to data acquisition for data science teams. Automate data preparation tasks for analysts and data scientists with a rich library of point and click functions.​



IT & Analytics teams spend long cycles discovering, cleansing and standardizing data from siloed systems.


Usage of multiple tools with gaps or overlapping functionality results in license and people hour overages.


Stale data, gaps, and data errors impact business outcomes, and data security issues drive higher risk.

The Benefits

Faster time-to-insight​

Seamlessly integrate data discovery, inventory, preparation, and observability across multiple data sources.

Higher reliability and quality outcomes​

Observable data pipelines, incorporating data security, lineage, and governance.​

Improved Analytics​

No-code, AI-driven recommendations to visually combine data, while proactively resolving data quality issues.​

Built-in security​

Role-based access controls, data visibility, and data masking controls ensure only authorized users view data.​

Better ROI​

Promote data pipeline re-use by other data consumers, leveraging existing data analytics outcomes.​


Data analysts, data producers, data consumers, and IT staff share the same data and pipeline dashboards.​

Product videos

Dataworkz was conceived to build a comprehensive product to help enterprises accelerate the time to insights from the fragmented enterprise data ecosystem.

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